RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2017

Linklaters Garden for Maggie’s a sanctuary

Our garden for Maggie’s takes its inspiration from the pioneering vision of the late Maggie Keswick, who understood the need for people with cancer to have a space, which was the antithesis to the clinical feel of a hospital. The Linklaters garden for Maggies will be a welcoming, warm sanctuary.


The garden will be surrounded by a three-meter hornbeam hedge. From the front of the garden we see a beautifully crafted open wooden gate and through this we get our first view of what lies inside. All the hard landscaping is made from single material, basalt based concrete, treated in a variety of ways to get a broad range of finishes. Surrounding this is s a soft and scented planting scheme. Under the canopy of a huge Amalanchier nestle Hostas, Rodgersia, and Camassia while in the sunshine are Peonies, Roses, Box, Elder and Thilictrum.